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Don't Be That Church: Four Interview Questions That You Should Never Ask

Don't Be That Church: Four Interview Questions That You Should Never Ask

There are some very common interview questions that have been circling around the Church that simply should not be asked. We get to hear feedback from candidates a lot since we are daily involved with pastoral and church staffing. Recruiting pastors is a tough... but it's even tougher for them as candidates to go through this extensive process.  We urge you not to ask these questions but also want to help you phrase questions in a way that gets you the information that you are seeking. 

Churchology is Changing Pastoral Staffing


For the last six months Churchology has been working tirelessly to work out it’s calling. It has been amazing to see what that calling has turned into and how it has deepened. Initially, Churchology was started so that it could identify laborers for the harvest. What a calling! Enough for me to quit my job and slash our personal living expenses in half. Real Kingdom work and one that I am super passionate about.

But what we didn’t know is that God would lay other major callings on the shoulders of our organization. I want to provide an update to those who have been praying for us.


The Interview Process

We quickly learned that communication between local churches and candidates is lacking. Both parties are approaching the interview as if it were a first date rather than a premarital counseling session. This leads to both parties selling themselves to one another rather than getting down to the deep and dark issues of our hearts. Candidates are accepting job offers blindly without knowing who they are dealing with or what their responsibilities are. After the honeymoon phase wears off new hires realize that they are not aligned with the local church in key areas. Ministry philosophy, doctrinal beliefs and chemistry are some the areas of conflict that ultimately lead to resignations. This is a huge problem and large contributor to turnover in the Church. We’ve created an interview strategy that forces both the candidate and local church to deep dive into one another. We’re seeing fruit from this and are receiving a lot of affirmation that this tool is necessary and effective.


Other Pastoral Staffing Agencies

When I learned that every single pastoral staffing company in America operated on a 33% retained fee I about fell out of my chair. To my knowledge we are still the only 100% contingency fee organization. This model is way more lucrative and advantageous for the Church. It allows the client to incur zero risk and they are free to go about their normal recruiting efforts. The response to our model has been overwhelmingly positive from the market… or in this case the Church. Many times, churches are frustrated with our competitors because they find that the candidates they are generating are better than the service that they already paid for. They are forced to submit their own candidates to the agency and abide by their rules. Churchology’s mission is to reform the pastoral staffing industry. And to our surprise… we are already seeing results. Today we learned that three other companies have conformed to our model. One of these competitors is amongst the largest pastoral staffing agencies in the country. We are delighted that God has already used Churchology to cause this change and we are praying that He would continue to use us.


Churchology is on a mission and we’re not going to stop until we have run the race with all our energy and resources. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and encouragement as we continue to execute on our calling. Please continue to pray that we stay strong during the race and passionately focused on this mission.