Contingent Recruiting:

One of our service options is based on a contingency fee. This means that you will only pay Churchology if and when you hire one of our candidates. The Church must extend an offer that the candidate accepts for this fee to apply. If you find a candidate on your own, there is no obligation to pay Churchology. There is no up front fee, and no retainer fee. If we do find a candidate that you are satisfied with, we ask for a fee that's based on their salary.

The only thing that we ask of you up front is to agree to partner with us, and be willing to meet with us on a regular basis for status updates, candidate reviews, and general performance feedback. Contact us with the link below to learn more.

Contained recruiting:

We also offer a contained recruiting service. This service requires an engagement fee but lowers the overall cost of our service. It also guarantees three qualified candidates within a short period of time. The engagement fee is based on the level of the position. Contact us with the link below to learn more. 


HR Assist:

Churches also have the option to partner with us on an hourly basis. Many of our clients combine both the Recruiting and HR Assist services although it is not necessary. HR Assist allows us to screen all of the incoming candidates that you receive. Then, we send you the candidates that we feel are qualified enough to enter your interview process. Contact us for more information and pricing.


We hope that allowing the Church to choose the option that works best for them shows our heart to serve the Church during a time that can be detrimental to the congregation, and Church as a whole.