What clients are saying

DOUG SCHMIDT, senior pastor

"We could not be more pleased and satisfied in the timely and professional work of Churchology in filling a key vacancy on our team.  Their work allowed us to stay focused on the mission. I highly recommend Churchology".

Jon morales campus pastor

"I enjoyed working with Churchology. We had a challenging position to fill; a worship pastor (not just a worship leader). Colton and team found us an excellent candidate very fast! I recommend Churchology to any church that wants to recruit great personnel.

Brent slater, Senior Pastor
highland park baptist church

"Churchology is run with the highest of ethical standards. I cannot say enough about how confident I was in their ethics, honesty, and clarity throughout the process. They gained a good grasp of the unique dynamics and chemistry of our church and remained faithful to that throughout the search process. Communication was clear, consistent, but not intrusive. The individuals they recommended to us for further consideration were quality people and they already had a good sense of who we were from their interactions with Churchology. These are the words that describe our experience with Churchology: helpful expertise, clear communication, integrity, effective screening, church focused, servants, a great blessing to us. We are thrilled with the way the Lord used them to connect us with an individual to meet a very complex and important staff need at our church. We would definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them."

Tim Svoboda, Director of Administration
Harmony Bible Church

"I would like to thank Churchology for working with us.  The fact that they work on a contingency based fee system is almost unheard.  They worked with us on 2 different positions, campus pastor and director of technology.  It was a huge relief to have them sort through resumes to find people that fit our vision and mission.  It was like having a full time human resources person that kept us on track with communication, and all the various stages of the interview process.  I will be using Churchology in the future, and have already referred another church to them."

Harold Zimmick, Senior Pastor
Asbury Church

"Thanks for the communication and a big thanks for all your efforts, wisdom and expertise in searching, vetting and finding Sarah for us. What a blessing Churchology has been! I look forward to staying in touch with you. 
God bless and continue to use and expand your valuable ministry!"

what candidates are saying

     Sarah, placed children's director  

"There are some moments in life where you clearly see God at work. For me, this occurred when Churchology first reached out to me about a job opening. It was such a blessing to have Churchology during the interview/hiring process - knowing that they were there for me and praying for me. I know that I would not be where I am today without them! Thank you for your support, encouragement, and discernment!"

Chris, candidate  

"Bottom line? I left the call thinking one thing: that church has hired the right firm to help them in their search. If you're the reason Kevin is at Churchology, way to go. You did good, and I'm sure other candidates have similar thoughts and feelings regarding your firm."