Harmony Bible Church

worship coordinator

Danville, Iowa


To make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship Christ in all of life, live in community with other disciples, and live
on mission to make more disciples. This will primarily be accomplished by leading the corporate worship ministries
at the Danville Campus.

Qualifications and Requirements:

The DANVILLE CAMPUS WORSHIP COORDINATOR will be expected to joyfully minister in accord with Harmony's
Employee Covenant. He should endeavor to experience and maintain the joyful camaraderie and creative
complementation of gifts and ministries of the elders, pastors, and staff.
He will be a member in good standing of Harmony Bible Church. If not a member when called by the church, he
will complete the process within three months of the date when employment begins.
-A committed believer in Jesus Christ; have spiritual gifts relevant to leading; a deep genuine love for Christ and His
Church; a stable, maturing and growing Christian with an exemplary personal, marital and family life; committed to
teamwork with the Lead Pastor and Pastor of Discipleship as well as other staff and lay leaders within the church; in
agreement with the doctrinal position of Harmony Bible Church.
-Experienced in leading worship in a variety of settings for three or more years.
-A leader, mobilizer, collaborator, teacher, and peacemaker.

Personal Skills:

1. Leadership – the Worship Coordinator should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups,
large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and His Gospel are central. He should be a self-starter and an
initiative taker.
2. Relational—the Worship Coordinator should have a heart to care for people, not just manage systems; that drive
should manifest itself in the appropriation of time.
3. Administrative—while seeking mainly to shepherd people, the Worship Coordinator should have the skill set and
ability to effectively manage the various administrative tasks associated with the position.
4. Teacher/Equipper—the Worship Coordinator should be able to effectively “equip the saints for the work of the
5. Communicator—the Worship Coordinator should be able to clearly and concisely communicate the needs and
aims of the church to the church body.
6. Peacemaker—the Worship Coordinator should be able to tactfully and winsomely unite people with varying
perspectives to advance harmony and love and to achieve common goals.

Essential Ministry Responsibilities:

1. Grow in the grace and knowledge of God by …
a. Maintaining a devotional life of prayer and meditation on the Word.
b. Faith-enriching reading and study.
c. Engagement in personal and corporate worship.
d. Glad participation in mutual care and accountability with other believers.
2. (40%) Oversee corporate worship leading at the Danville Campus for Sunday services and special services
(Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.)
3. (40%) Recruit, develop, and lead the band(s) at the Danville Campus
4. (20%) Serve as part of the corporate worship staff team under the leadership of the Pastor of Discipleship
5. Other duties as assigned

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