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Campus youth pastor 

Grayslake, IL


Role Overview 

The Campus Youth Pastor will oversee the execution of student ministries at a campus of The Chapel. This includes recruiting and training a volunteer Student Ministries Team to implement the Student Ministries program. This person
must provide excellent leadership, clear communication, vision, direction, and motivation. They must
embody The Chapel’s culture by being Authentic, Joyful, Inspiring, and Compassionate.

Ministry Goal

Guide students into an explosive relationship with Jesus that impacts the world.

General requirements 

1. Alignment with and support of the Chapel Staff Expectations. 

The five key areas of values:

  1. Culture - Fully embraces and embodies The Chapel’s identity and who consistently demonstrates it in everyday life.
  2. Character - Holistically healthy, inspiring to others, and becoming more like Jesus everyday.
  3. Commitment - Defined by a revolutionary commitment to, and personal sacrifice for, the cause of Jesus Christ.
  4. Community - Lives authentically and transparently in community and naturally helps others to become more like Jesus.
  5. Competence - Diligently strives for and achieves high levels of performance in the role. 

2. Model an Authentic Relationship with Christ.

  • Model a life and conduct worthy of emulation.
  • Demonstrate a contagious, growing love for God and others.
  • Grow spiritually through consistent, meaningful use of spiritual practices (devotional life, prayer,
  • etc.).
  • Attract others by being authentic, joyful, inspiring and loving.

Primary Responsibilities 

1. Recruit and train Student Ministry Volunteer Team

  • Work with Campus Pastor to identify potential volunteers.
  • Participate in Central Team training.
  • Inspire the volunteers to follow the vision and tactics of The Chapel Student Ministries.
  • Organize and inspire volunteers to work according to their giftedness.
  • Teach and train volunteers how to disciple students.
  • Have the 8 to 1 student/volunteer ratio filled.

2. Oversee the implementation of the Student Ministries Programs

  • Understand the vision and purpose of the weekly program curriculum.
  • Prepare for the weekly programs.
  • Participate in brainstorming and training meetings led by Central Team.
  • Implement the weekly programs:
  • Zone weekend service
  • Edge Home Group
  • Edge and Zone midweek

3. Oversee the relational discipleship of students

  • Working with volunteers, ensure that every student is known and loved by a mature Christian adult.

4. Provide Pastoral Duties for Students, Staff and Volunteers

  • Shepherd and meet the spiritual needs of students, staff and volunteers as needed.
  • Offer spiritual guidance to parents and families as needed.
  • Perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications, and counseling of those placed under my care.
  • Provide solid theological foundation with the ability to teach God’s Word clearly to both students and adults.

Core Competencies and Key Behaviors 

1. Team Leader: A team leader oversees a ministry team, promotes ministry excellence and inspire growth in others through support and feedback.

  • Shepherds the team by providing devotional leadership, counsel and meaningful spiritual encouragement
  • Provides resources and training
  • Sets clear expectations and holds team members accountable for them
  • Coaches the team to know what a “win” looks like
  • Provides clear, timely, specific and actionable feedback to promote growth among team members
  • Expresses appreciation, values team contributions and gives sincere verbal affirmation as frequently as possible
  • Positions the team for success by leveraging the talents of team members with a keen understanding of their strengths and limitations
  • Models a commitment to consistently raise the overall level of excellence

2. Team Builder: A team builder uses group skills and team building strategies to strengthen relationships among team members; improve motivation, communication, support and trust among team members; and inspire the team to maximize its potential and achieve its goals.

  • Provides opportunities and activities for team members to get to know each other and forge meaningful relationships
  • Helps team members define and play to each other’s unique strengths, talents and capabilities
  • Guides group discussions/activities in a way that is fun, inspiring, loving and leading to life application
  • Exhibits behavior and techniques that enhance the quality of group processes
  • Creates an environment where individuals can share openly without fear of repercussion
  • Develops high level of trust among team members and addresses anything that would diminish that trust
  • Leads the group in the decision making process and supports and acts in accordance with the final group decision
  • Provides clear direction regarding the goal/outcome and motivates others to see that goal/outcome through to completion
  • Evokes productive, inclusive and meaningful participation and creativity from others
  • Facilitates conflict and resolves it biblically
  • Demonstrates active listening and inspires team members to do the same
  • Recognizes and rewards team building actions and behaviors
  • Identifies and facilitates events/programs to aid in the team building process
  • Positions the team to succeed and achieve its potential

3. Owner/Operator: An owner/operator takes full responsibility for the successful growth and execution of the experience in his/her area of ministry.

  • Ensures a consistent standard of excellence in the experience of his/her area of ministry
  • Demonstrates entrepreneurial independence, a spirit of collaboration, humility and a willingness to apply input from others
  • Sets the tone for his/her ministry team by having a “game on” winning attitude
  • Coaches his/her ministry team to know what a win looks like
  • Encourages volunteer teams and empowers ministry leaders to own the experience
  • Evaluates the ministry experience with a discerning eye for the big picture and for the details
  • Troubleshoots and repairs anything that would distract from our standard of excellence

4. Equipper: An equipper actively pursues the development of others through the provision of resources, next step opportunities and feedback.

  • Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to developing others
  • Uses appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help others develop their capabilities
  • Provides effective coaching, training and next step opportunities for individual and team growth
  • Offers information, advice, suggestions and specific, actionable feedback to help others become more successful
  • Expresses confidence in others’ ability to be successful, recognizes and reinforces growth in others and celebrate their wins
  • Advocates for and actively builds a developmental culture

5. Trainer: A trainer identifies, develops and delivers tools and resources that promote personal and professional growth.

  • Discovers innovative ways to inspire and aid individuals in the growth process
  • Identifies and develops effective training tools and resources
  • Delivers training and resources to foster ongoing individual and organizational growth
  • Tracks and celebrates progress
  • Offers ongoing feedback and support

6. Shepherd: A shepherd identifies where people are at, provides guidance for the whole person and helps individuals take their next steps relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Builds meaningful relationships with others
  • Perceives where others are at and recommends next steps for growth
  • Provides devotional leadership, counsel and meaningful spiritual encouragement
  • Challenges and confronts individuals in a loving and non-judgmental manner
  • Highlights and celebrates individuals’ growth
  • Leads others toward increased levels of engagement


7. Recruiter: A recruiter connects an individual with meaningful ministry opportunities that enable him/her to use his/her gifts, talents and passions.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of and alignment with Chapel DNA and values
  • Is aware of the specific serving opportunities that exist within a ministry and can articulate the core competencies and key behaviors of those opportunities
  • Engages others in a winsome, inviting and engaging manner
  • Listens effectively to determine another’s gifts, skills and passions
  • Discerns potential ministry opportunities that fit the individuals gifts, skills and passions
  • Presents a compelling vision for a ministry opportunity, clearly articulating the ways in which that opportunity advances God’s kingdom
  • Makes a compelling ask to the potential volunteer to join his/her ministry team
  • Follows up on the ask and provides information, support and prayer throughout the decision making process
  • Connects the individual with ministry team or researches/recommends other potential ministry opportunities for the individual


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